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True Worship

 True Worship

Past Series

Exuberant Praise
Andrew Sampson - 26/11/2017

The End
Matt Leach - 19/11/2017
 Speaking from Psalm 96, Matt looks at how we can celebrate in prayer as we look to the day of judgement; including an exploration of why judgement is good news, not bad.

Andrew Sampson - 12/11/2017
Andrew opens Psalm 105 and finds a remarkably broad and sweeping account of the history of Israel. He uncovers how this gave them their identity and how it can also form a basis for our identity as the people of God today.

Violence and Hate
Andrew Sampson - 05/11/2017
In Psalm 137 we find some of the most challenging and violent language in the entire Bible. Andrew looks at how it is that this found its way in, and what it teaches us about how to pray.

Matt Leach - 22/10/2017
 Matt uncovers the astoundingly comprehensive nature of our salvation as he expounds Psalm 103

Andrew Sampson - 15/10/2017
 Speaking from Psalm 57, Andrew explores the arena of corporate worship and challenges us to move from an individual-centric mode to a corporate-first mode of worship.

Andrew Sampson - 01/10/2017

True Worship 1
Andrew Sampson - 24/09/2017