New course starting October 2023

Is there more? Does God care? Who is Jesus? How can we have faith?

Take some time out to ask the big questions of life; about faith and reason and meaning. We meet in Truro each Tuesday evening, getting to know each other, sharing food and exploring faith. We would love you to join us on our next course beginning October 2023.

Will I be the only atheist / agnostic there?

Unlikely! Alpha is a course where people of all beliefs are more than welcome and we love to listen to other people’s thoughts and experiences, whatever they are. In the past we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with atheists, agnostics, those from other religious / spiritual backgrounds and others who are at various points in their spiritual journey.

Is it OK if I don't have any knowledge about Christianity?

Absolutely – this course is for you! We’ll watch videos about the Christian faith, life, purpose and meaning and have some fun and meaningful discussions afterwards based on what we’ve watched. You’re not expected to come with any prior knowledge – just bring yourself!

I'm interested but am shy / can feel anxious around people I don't know.

We understand it can be nerve wracking to meet new people, but we’ve also seen amazing friendships being made. Alpha is a safe place to come either by yourself (we often have people who come alone) or with others. There are never any cliques, but plenty of opportunities to get to know each other in a relaxed environment without any pressure. After watching the video together we then split off into smaller groups to share our thoughts. Whilst we love to hear from everyone in this time, there’s no obligation to say anything if you feel more comfortable listening and there’s also the option to chat with a team member one on one with any questions you have. If it helps, you can meet with a member of the team before joining – just get in touch with Rachel:

What if I can't make all of the dates?

Whilst you’ll get more out of the course by coming to as many sessions as you can, we appreciate that people have busy lives! We’d still love you to sign up and are looking forward to having you with us as much as is possible.

I'm interested in exploring, but don't necessarily want to become a Christian!

It’s great that you’re up for exploring and everyone is equally entitled to freely share their views. Respect is at the centre of alpha and nobody will ever be pressured to change their beliefs.

What if I come and feel it's not for me?

The vast majority of people who’ve joined alpha have continued it through to completion. However, we’ll never pressure anyone to come if they don’t want to and you’ll never feel obligated!

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New course starting October 2023