Team, family, friends, leaders, community, call us what you want: we couldn’t do this without each other!

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Our Elders

Andrew SampsonChurch ElderAndrew works full-time for Grace Church having been a secondary school teacher for many years. His wife Laura is a higher level teaching assistant at a local primary school and they have two boys. Andrew leads the leadership team at Grace Church and oversees all the preaching and teaching and theological training as well as working to support partner churches across Cornwall and beyond.Email AndrewMatt LeachChurch ElderMatt works full-time for Grace Church following years that have included drumming, charity finance and local government. His wife Lucy is a textile artist and together they have four children. Matt oversees the Alpha course, Job Club and pastoral support in the church as well as serving as one of the trustees.Email MattBen SewellChurch ElderAs well as leading in Grace Church Ben works full-time for Launchpad at Falmouth University. His wife Helen is an accountant and together they have three children. Ben oversees the prayer life of Grace Church and loves to see people grow in hearing God's voice.Email Ben

Our Team

Andy PotterCommunity Group LeaderBecky JamesVisuals Team LeaderBen AskewCommunity Group LeaderBen PritchardCommunity Group LeaderClaire PetersEngage LeaderCynthia HomerCommunity Group LeaderDavid PykeCommunity Group LeaderEmma PotterCommunity Group LeaderGorgi PritchardCommunity Group LeaderIni ItuenCommunity Group LeaderJohn Peters (JP)Engage LeaderJudy PykeTrustee & Community Group LeaderLaura SampsonGraceKids Team LeaderLucy AskewCommunity Group LeaderMark BennettsCommunity Group & GraceKids LeaderMel WhiteCommunity Group LeaderMike WestonTrustee & Setup Team LeaderPaul PetersCommunity Group & Sound Team LeaderPaul WilliamsTrustee & Welcome Team LeaderRachel BennettsCommunity Group Leader & Church AdministratorSussan ItuenCommunity Group LeaderSara WhiteGraceKids LeaderSaskia ArchboldGraceKids Team LeaderBecky ThornsWorship Team LeaderStephen HomerCommunity Group LeaderTalan ArchboldTrustee