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Past Series

"Preach the Word" - Truth vs. Comfort
Ben Sewell - 28/08/2016

"Continue in What You Have Learnt"
John Peters - 21/08/2016
Reminding Timothy of what it means to be lovers of God rather than lovers of self. Paul calls him and us to stand firm and hold on to the truth of the gospel, equipping us to live lives of distinction in times of difficulty and persecution.

"Present Yourself to God as One Approved"
Andrew Sampson - 07/08/2016
2 Timothy 2:14-26

Taking verse 15 as a headline statement, Andrew explains that the kind of life that God is looking for is one in which we're attending to our character and becoming better skilled in our handling of God's Word.

"Do Not be Ashamed to Testify"
Matt Leach - 24/07/2016

"Timothy, My Dear Son"
Andrew Sampson - 17/07/2016
2 Timothy 1:1-14

Andrew Sampson introduces our new teaching series entitled ‘Confident’ by surveying three of the big themes in Paul’s second letter to Timothy: a call to activism; a call to loyalty; a call to have confidence.