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Past Series

Is God Your Promised Land?
Andrew Sampson - 10/07/2016
Exodus 33:1-6, 12-17


Andrew Sampson concludes our series on Redemption by explaining how the presence of God is the unifying theme of both the Book of Exodus and the grand story that the Bible tells. 

The Covenant Keeping God: Our only hope for lasting change
Andrew Sampson - 03/07/2016
Exodus 34:1-10


This recording begins with an interview with Roger Chilman, discussing his battle with depression and encouraging more open discussion about mental illness. Following this Andrew Sampson explains how the God we read about in the Book of Exodus is the same God who reveals his glory and expresses his commitment to humanity through the person and work of Jesus Christ. 

The Golden Calf: Volunteering for Slavery
Matt Leach - 26/06/2016

Demanding Manna: The subtle significance of everyday desires
Andrew Sampson - 12/06/2016
Exodus 16

The newly-redeemed Israelites were expecting a land flowing with milk and honey and found themselves in a dusty wilderness. Andrew Sampson explains how God uses everything in our lives to help build our trust in him.

Bricks Without Straw: How Long, Oh Lord?
Ben Sewell - 08/05/2016
Exodus 5, 6:1

​Being freed from slavery hurts.

We are all susceptible to bring trapped into depending on things that aren't good. And when we seek freedom from them, it is harder than we expect. Why? And what can we do about it?

When You Suffer God is Near
Tom Beaumont - 01/05/2016
Exodus 2:23 - 3:10

​In the beginning of the book of Exodus, we find the Israelites crying out to God in their suffering. Beau shows us how we too can cry out to our heavenly father in the midst of our own desperate situations. 

Redemption: Placing Our Lives in God's Great Story
Matt Leach - 24/04/2016
The Bible tells one big story. It’s the story of how a loving God sets about redeeming a people for himself. That people is made up of individuals like you and me.

Launching our series where we’ll be looking at the story of the book of Exodus Matt Leach invites us to see the humanity of the people involved and connect with the God who never lets go.