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 Life, Work and Faith in a World of Uncertainty

Past Series

The Conclusion of the Matter
John Peel - 29/11/2015
Ecclesiastes 12:9-14
Face the Facts, Fear God, Follow His Commandments

John Peel from Redeemer Church, Plymouth, wraps up our series on the Book of Ecclesiastes by taking us to the Teacher's conclusion. He invites us to consider: to what extent do we 'fear God' by allowing Him to shape our lives? 

Political Power
Matt Leach - 22/11/2015
How should we relate to those in power when the promises made are constantly under delivered and our Christian values clash with those in authority? Matt Leach looks at this contentious subject.  

Chance and Misfortune
Andrew Sampson - 15/11/2015
 Ecclesiastes 9:7-12 (& 7:13-14)


‘Time and chance happen to us all’. But how do we respond when misfortunes strike? In this talk, Andrew Sampson shows us how the Teacher urges us to trust God in the midst of the calamaties, misfortunes and unexpected events that occur in our lives.

Evil and Injustice
Andrew Sampson - 08/11/2015
Ecclesiastes 4:1-3


One of the recurring themes of Ecclesiastes is that we live in a broken, messed up world. In this talk, Andrew Sampson shows how the Bible provides us with the resources we need to respond to evil and injustice.

The Controlling Force
Ben Sewell - 01/11/2015
Money controls so much of what happens in the works around us. As we try and harness it, far too easily we are hurt by it. Ben explores how the Teacher of Ecclesiastes and Jesus show us how to escape the grip of Money. 

Achievement Through Hard Work
Andrew Sampson - 25/10/2015
Ecclesiastes 2:17-24

What is my attitude to work? Am I at risk of turning work into an idol? Andrew Sampson considers how Ecclesiastes can help us keep work in proper perspective, and point us towards the rest offered us in Jesus.

Matt Leach - 18/10/2015
Ecclesiastes 2: 1-11

Solomon had done it all. And by all we find that he had really done it all! Yet in the end everything he pursued, he determined, was meaningless. In this sermon Matt Leach takes us through Solomon's assessment of the pursuit of pleasure points at how ultimate satisfaction found is found only with Jesus. 

Learning and Wisdom
Andrew Sampson - 11/10/2015
Ecclesiastes 1:12-18 & 2:12-16

In these passages the Teacher vents the frustration he feels as a student of knowledge and wisdom. Where can true wisdom be found? Andrew Sampson explains how the wisdom that comes from God is found in the cross of Christ. 

Introduction to Ecclesiastes
Andrew Sampson - 27/09/2015
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

Andrew Sampson introduces our new series in Ecclesiastes by exploring three great themes of this remarkable book.