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One-Off Sermons


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Past Series

Ben Davies
- 18/11/2018

Matt Leach - 01/07/2018

Jem Bunce - 20/05/2018

Jesus Dies on a Cross
Ben Sewell - 25/03/2018
 Jesus died on a cross - seems like a pretty basic Christian statement. But what does it mean to follow a King who died in humiliation and shame?

Longing for God
Andrew Sampson - 07/01/2018

Herod and The Magi
Ben Askew - 17/12/2017
The Christmas story is so familiar to many of us - and no-one thinks they can learn anything from Herod, and little from the Magi. Ben takes a special look at these characters, and the reason that Matthew includes them in his account of Jesus' birth, helping us to understand just how amazing the news of Jesus' kingship is.

Christmas 2017
Andrew Sampson - 10/12/2017

The Church Year
Laura Sampson - 03/12/2017
 Laura tells the story of the church year in the same storytelling style as used with GraceKids week to week.

Justification By Faith
John Peel - 29/10/2017
 John Peel speaks from Romans 3 on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. He looks at Martin Luther's struggles with a God who seems to demand so much of a failing humanity, and on to find the joy of Jesus' message of good news.

Matthew 14
Terry Virgo - 02/09/2017
 Terry Virgo speaks to the Cornwall churches.

Persistent Prayer
Jem Bunce - 04/06/2017
Speaking from the part of the Bible where Jesus gives us the Lord's Prayer, Jem looks at how and why we should be persistent in prayer, and the generosity of God in response to us.

The Lords Prayer
Andrew Sampson - 28/05/2017

Andy Arscott - 13/11/2016

Liam Brannigan - 06/11/2016
We apologise for the background noise on this recording.

Mobilising the Dream
Matt Leach - 11/09/2016

The Kingdom
Pete Cornford - 14/08/2016

Reason, Faith and the Future
Lex Loizides - 19/06/2016

Lesson from the Life of David
Grant Van Schalkwyk - 29/05/2016
 Our guest speaker from Redeemer Church, Plymouth, shares four significant life lessons from one of the great men of God in the Old Testament. 

Jem Bunce - 15/05/2016
Today we celebrate Pentecost, the day we remember when the promised Holy Spirit was first poured out on the disciples to enable them to experience the power and the presence of God. The Holy Spirit is still being poured out on the church, and on individual believers today. 

Committed to Church Planting
Andrew Sampson - 17/04/2016
Luke & Acts

Andrew Sampson explains why church planting and strengthening churches is integral to our mission. Looking at Luke's writings in the New Testament, he shows how our commitment to church planting is rooted in an understanding of the big story that the Bible tells.

Adopted As Sons
Jo Larcombe - 10/04/2016

Children of a Father
Barry Heaton - 03/04/2016
1 John 3:1-2

​Sometimes our idea of "Father" is tainted by our experience of our fathers. In this sermon Barry Heaton unpacks these verses to reveal an all loving, all caring, perfect Father: God. Barry looks at the kind of love the Father has for us and the impact is has on our lives.

Palm Sunday
Liam Brannigan - 20/03/2016

The Great Banquet
Andrew Sampson - 07/02/2016
Luke 14:1, 7-24
“Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee.” Andrew Sampson explains how God offers every one of us – regardless of our background – a life that richly satisfies.

Giving Challenge
Matt Leach - 10/01/2016
God loves us just as we are but love us enough not to leave us that way" When come to God it's like he switches the lights on inside. As we go on He gets to work on us straightening out the kinks. As we launch our 40 day giving challenge from 2016 Matt Leach invites us to give our financial priorities a fresh lick of paint in the light of how God encourages us to turn to him in every circumstance and the strength of his promises.

Vision Sunday
Andrew Sampson - 03/01/2016
John 13:1-7, 34-35

Andrew Sampson opens 2016 by presenting the vision of Jesus emptying himself of his dignity and washing his disciples' feet. He asks, What would it mean for us to be followers of a man like that over the course of this new year?

Apologies for the background noise on this recording.

The Glory of God in the People of God
Liam Brannigan - 04/10/2015

Loving Community
Tom Beaumont - 16/08/2015
Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.
Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.
(Romans 12v9-10)

Diverse Community
Andrew Sampson - 09/08/2015

Andrew takes us through Romans 12:1-8 and looks at how the church can find unity in diversity.

Distinctive Community
Matt Leach - 26/07/2015
 Matt looks at the foundation of how we become a distinctive community, speaking from Paul's letter to the Romans, chapter 12.

Accept Everyone
Andrew Sampson - 19/07/2015
 We don't just see divisions in 21st Century Britain - they've been around for some time. Speaking from a letter that Paul wrote to the Roman church, Andrew explores how Jesus broke down divisions in his time and continues to do so today.

A rule of thumb for your bank balance!
Matt Leach - 19/04/2015
Money wants to guide and exert influence on every aspect of your life.

Guess what?

That’s precisely what God wants too.

No wonder there’s a battle going on.

Who will win? You decide.

Following Jesus' Vision
Ben Sewell - 12/04/2015
Why do you live, and what do you live for? Ben looks at Jesus’ reasons and invites us to make them our own.

We are Family!
Jo Larcombe - 15/03/2015
 On Mother's Day 2015, Jo speaks on motherhood - what it is to be a mother, or not be a mother - to have a mother, or not have a mother - and how God walks through all of it with us, calling us into a greater family.

God - Shepherd - Enough!
John Peel - 22/02/2015
Three words that say it all, God - Shepherd - Enough!

John invites us to look beyond the frequently romanticised misconceptions of Psalm 23 and properly see it in the down to earth sheep husbandry context it is actually set. Taking a "sheep's eye" view, he challenges us to see it as a description of the true disciple's heart manifesto.

Positioning For Revival
Matt Noble - 15/02/2015

The Principle of Stewardship (or, why your stuff isn’t really your stuff)
Andrew Sampson - 26/01/2015
Matthew 25 :14-30

The Bible teaches that everything we have ultimately belongs to God and he calls upon us to steward it responsibly. Andrew Sampson explains how this principle of stewardship is rooted in three of the great doctrines of Scripture – the doctrines of creation, salvation and the Lordship of Christ – before spelling out some of the implications for how we manage our money.

Link to video mentioned: http://vimeo.com/117157283

Too Small a Thing
Andrew Sampson - 11/01/2015
Andrew Sampson urges us to view our lives in the light of God's expansive purposes. God has always intended for the salvation he offers through his Son to go to the ends of the earth. The early Christians took this on board and invested themselves in advancing the gospel through planting churches. The same priority should be seen in our lives today.

The Big Picture
Ben Sewell - 04/01/2015

What is life all about, and what is the church for? Ben starts to answer these easy (!) questions by looking at Ephesians 1 and 2.