06 March 2024 Advance Theology Course Module 3: Division to Exile AdultsTheologyOld Testament View resource 31 December 2023 Advance Theology Course Module 2: Conquest to Monarchy AdultsTheology View resource 23 September 2023 Advance Theology Course Module 1: Pentateuch AdultsTheology ReadingVideo View resource 29 June 2022 The End Times AdultsTheologyApologetics ReadingVideo View resource 24 January 2022 What Should We Believe About Creation? AdultsYouthInspirationTheologyGenesis PodcastReadingVideo View resource 15 December 2021 Ephesians Bible Readings AdultsYouthNew TestamentCommunity GroupsSundaysInspirationTheologyThe Bible DiscussionInspirationVideo View resource 09 November 2021 Elders and Deacons AdultsChurch VisionSundaysTheology DiscussionPapersReadingVideo View resource 18 May 2021 Advance Theology Course Module 7: From Scripture to Theology AdultsTheology Reading View resource 01 December 2020 Advance Theology Course Module 6: The Church Age AdultsTheology Reading View resource 21 November 2020 Understanding Genesis 1 & 2 AdultsYouthInspirationTheologyGenesis PodcastReadingVideo View resource

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