8 talks

July-August 2021

Summer 2021

As we head into Summer 2021, we ask our preachers to share what God has laid on their hearts for us at Grace Church.

26 September 2021

Reflections on Nehemiah 13

Talk by Matt Noble

06 September 2021

Sheep of the Good Shepherd

Talk by Andrew Sampson

01 September 2021

Simple Prayer

Talk by Ben Sewell

23 August 2021

John’s encounter with Jesus

Talk by Jem Bunce

15 August 2021

Jesus’ Invitation for Thirsty Souls

Talk by Andrew Sampson

09 August 2021

The Grace of God

Talk by Matt Leach

02 August 2021

How big is your God?

Talk by John Peel

26 July 2021

Pruned for Purpose

Talk by Andrew Sampson

8 talks