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Being Human

The cultural landscape is changing. We are witnessing huge shifts in how people understand gender and sexuality. At times the Church has got caught in the teeth of the cultural discussion and not always responded well.
Our new Sunday morning teaching series is all about what God says on the subject of “being human”. We believe that the Bible provides a compelling vision of our human identity that both affirms and challenges culture.
Through the series, we’ll be exploring such topics as identity, marriage, singleness, grace and community, helping one another know how to respond to these themes in a way that’s both biblically faithful and culturally sensitive.

26 March 2017

My Story

Talk by Jeremy Moses

19 March 2017

Community and Friendship

Talk by Andrew Sampson

12 March 2017


Talk by Andrew Sampson

05 March 2017

Brokenness and Suffering

Talk by Andrew Sampson

26 February 2017

Marriage and Singleness

Talk by Matt Leach

19 February 2017


Talk by Andrew Sampson

6 talks