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When Moses was up on Mount Sinai with God, he was gone for a long time…40 days and nights! The people of God got bored and decided they were tired of waiting for him to return, so they said to Aaron “Make us a god we can worship.”  Aaron, who should have known better, had them give him all their gold jewellery and he melted it down and fashioned it into a calf for the people. This story shows us how easy it is to get distracted, to chase after other things and even to lie about the things we’ve done. It’s hard following God’s ten best ways, but they are there for our good.

The golden calf

This is a great little video from God's Story about this part of the Exodus story.

Quiz it!

Use these quick little multiple choice cards to quiz your knowledge on the story. Print and play!

Play the story

You can use lego to rebuild this part of the story...all children love smashing the tablets! You could also use playdoh to make your own golden calf and squish it! Check out the recipe below for some easy to make playdoh.

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