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When the people of God were in the wilderness they saw God provide for them in amazing ways. He gave them manna (a sort of bread from heaven) and quail to eat every day! God provides for our needs everyday in wonderful ways, he can always be trusted. Use the ideas here to help explore God’s provision and how he can be trusted through any times that we face.

Water, Manna and Quail

This short video from Kids on the Move talks about how God provided for his people in the wilderness. This is a great one for older children to explore how God meets our needs today. After watching talk about where they might need God to provide for them?

The story of the Wilderness

If you need a recap of what happened with God's people in the Wilderness, check out this video from Crossroads Kids Club that explains it in a really easy way. Good for all school age children.

Collect the manna game

This is a great one for pre-schoolers! All you need is some pom poms or cotton wool balls. Spread them around the room and time them to see how long it takes them to 'collect up the manna' (You can use popcorn or even rice krispies if you're feeling brave and fancy actual food!)

Manna Jar

A great family activity is to make a 'Manna Jar'. Whenever God provides for someone in your family, write it down, date it and put it in the jar. During tough times look back over times God has met your needs can be hugely encouraging.

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