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We’re diving into the big story of the Bible!  This page will help you find resources to get a big overview of how the Bible is set up, what kind of writing is inside it; as well as help you to understand the big story it tells.

The Greatest Story Ever: The Bible

This interactive family resource is packed full of activities, videos and prayers. Designed to help facilitate family time learning about the Bible together, this has been road-tested with families who have children of different ages and works well for 5-12 year olds. This introduction session helps orientate you to the big story of the Bible.

How to read the Bible: Intro to the Bible

This 4 video series introduces the structure of the Bible, the thread of the big story and the writing styles that we find. This is a great place for youth and adults to get a deeper understanding of what’s inside the Bible.

Colour it!

These colouring pages help you to remember what’s in the Bible!

Sing It!

This fun rap from North Point Kids takes you through the whole Bible

Tell me about the Bible in under 2 mins

This video from Laura takes you on a whistle stop tour of facts about the Bible.

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