Resources for elder discussion on 2nd and 16th July, 2021. Begin by working through the handout, answering the questions as you go. If you have time, read the article on ‘The Presence of God’ and answer the accompanying questions.


Look at this first. This will guide you through the resources. Bring your answers to the questions to the elder discussion on 2nd July.

Video 1: Paradoxes of the Kingdom

Taken from the Advance Theology Course, by Andrew Wilson. The slide is included on the handout.

Video 2: Baptism in the Spirit

More from Andrew Wilson. The two slides are on the handout.

Video 3: The Word-Spirit Spectrum?

The final video from Andrew Wilson. One slide on the handout.

The Presence of God

Please look at this if you have time.

Twelve statements on the Holy Spirit

Please go through each statement in turn, deciding whether you agree or disagree.

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