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The Mystery of Easter

Watch the Godly play video or do some of the activities of the story of the Mystery of Easter. We have done this story for the last few years in GraceKids, so if your children have been around during this time they may remember some of the story.

Easter Story told by Kids.

A kids take on the Easter story. A funny video which older children and adults might enjoy watching, as long as you appreciate cute american children forgetting bits of the easter story!

The Easter Story Video

A 10 minute video covering the whole of the Easter story.

Make some Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are made and eaten during the season of Easter each year as they symbolise the cross through the cross shape on the top and the spices added to represent the spices put on Jesus' body.

Paper Plate Craft

Here is a easy Easter themed craft, all you need is a few paper plates, some string or wool of some kind, a hole punch and some colouring pens.

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