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These resources  supplement the teaching videos by Andrew Wilson and notes in the Participant Guide that make up the core of the Advance Theology Course.


The book by Gordon Fee is one of the best introductory reads that you'll find on the theology of the New Testament. Summarising the findings of his magisterial 'God's Empowering Presence' which explores every mention of the Spirit in the writings of Paul, Fee shows how an eschatological reading of the New Testament helps make sense of everything!

Session 1: The Story so Far and Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (Acts 1-9)

Here, you'll find some recommended reading on the Book of Acts. For a general commentary on Acts, the Tyndale New Testament commentary by Howard Marshall is generally regarded as one of the best. In this session, Andrew Wilson uses the account of the Samaritans receiving the Spirit in Acts 8 to reflect on the meaning of 'baptism in the Spirit.' The book by Simon Ponsonby is an excellent read the Spirit that ties together head, heart and hands. Andrew Wilson's blog article from 2012 is a helpful, and provocative, accompaniment to his teaching in this session.

Session 3: Romans

We know Paul's letter to the Romans is important, but it can be an intimidating book! There's a host of commentaries available, but we especially recommend Tom Wright's slim volumes that also work well as devotional studies. These are full of illuminating images and helpful asides that bring the text to life. They were the primary resource that fed into our main preaching series on Romans at Grace Church in the summer term of 2019. Also included is Andrew Wilson's performance reading of the Book of Romans which he mentions in the closing moments of his lecture.

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