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These resources  supplement the teaching videos by Andrew Wilson and notes in the Participant Guide that make up the core of the Advance Theology Course.

Session 1: Context of the Gospels and the Gospel

We begin with a bit more background to show how things have developed between the testaments. To some extent, the pagan culture's leaders are more important in the New Testament than in the Old Testament.

Session 2: God in the Gospels

Andrew Wilson raises some interesting and difficult questions in connection with Matthew 3 when he suggests that baptism with the Holy Spirit and fire refers to Jesus' ministry of judgment. Here, you'll find some notes written by Andrew Sampson to probe that a bit further. In the section on Mark 4-6 Wilson uses a number of illustrations to help explain the fear of the Lord. You'll find links to those movie clips here, along with a short article that Andrew Wilson has written on the topic.

Session 3: The Gospel in the Gospels

The Gospel is not to be understood purely in terms of "how we are saved". We must remember that the four Gospels claim to communicate "the gospel" from beginning to end of their stories. Therefore, according to these authors, "telling the gospel" must assume telling the life story of Jesus.

Session 4: People in the Gospels

We address the major question, "What are the people of God like and how are they called to live?" Resources to follow

    Session 5: Mission in the Gospels

    We do not confine "mission" to one-on-one evangelism, but talk about the fulfilment of God's purposes for creation through sending Jesus as its saviour. In this session we talk about kingdom and also his judgment and return.

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