In this module, we pick up the story of Scripture from the end of the Pentateuch. The people of God have moved out of Egypt and landed in modern day Israel. They now need to “conquer” the land by removing its inhabitants. By the end of this section of Scripture the people will have settled in the land and established a government ruled by a king (monarchy). We cover the biblical books of Joshua to Song of Songs. It would be very difficult to study book by book, so we briefly walk through it chronologically, and then topically by focusing on a few major themes.

Session 1: Tribal Federation (Joshua to Judges)

Read Joshua 1-5, 13:1-7, 23, 24:14-28; Judges 1-2, 10-11. Skim Judges for a couple of minutes, reading a verse or two per chapter and any section descriptions in your Bible. Be sure to read 17:6; 18:1; and 21:25. Then read the notes below in preparation for this session.

Supplementary material on the problem of holy war

What do we do with the biblical material in which God commands the total destruction of peoples and cities? We were introduced to this problem in Module 1 (session 7) when Andrew Wilson introduced the three C's - context, covenant and Christ. There, the focus of the session was on slavery; here, Andrew Wilson gives a more detailed response to the problem of holy war. It's a big issue, and one that you may desire to look into further. While you probably won't have time for an additional video lecture in conjunction with session 1, this video by Josh Butler is an excellent place to start (as is his book, Skeletons in God's Closet).

Session 2: United Monarchy (Saul to Solomon)

Read 1 Samuel 8, 10, 15; 2 Samuel 7, 11; Psalm 51, 63; 1 Kings 1-2 and the notes below in preparation for this session

Session 3: God and Gospel

Read 1 Samuel 2-7; 2 Samuel 6-7; Psalm 2; Ruth 1, 4 and the notes below in preparation for this session. STOP the video at 1 hr 20 mins (we'll come back to the Psalms in a supplementary session).

Session 4: People and Mission

Read Job 1-3; Proverbs 1, 7-8, 12; Ecclesiastes 1, 7; Song of Songs 1 and the notes below in preparation for this session. (Note that we're skipping the sections on the Psalms, which we'll cover in an extra session.)

Session 5: Psalms

This is an additional session that we've produced in-house that brings together material from sessions 3 and 4. Read Psalms 2, 45, 69, 110 & 137 plus the accompanying notes before watching the video on the link below.

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