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We’re looking at the name of God in Exodus 34: 5-7. This part of the story is happening after the nonsense of the Golden Calf; now, Moses has gone back to God for another copy of the covenant. The Lord comes in a cloud and stands with Moses and calls out his name “Yahweh”. God’s names reveal his character, they show who he is and how he is.

The Names of God

This short video from Crossroads Kids is a great place to start understanding some of the names of God. Which name do you like best? Which names of God do you know that aren’t mentioned here?

Meditating on Exodus 34:6-7

Sometimes it helps to see scripture in a different way. Re-read Exodus 34:6-7 using this video. What most sticks out to you about what God says of himself?

The Name Game

A game of dominoes to help you think about different attributes of God. This is from Flame creative kids, print from the file or visit their website for instructions on how to play!

What a beautiful name

Start a new advent tradition with the names of God. Make 25 salt dough or clay ornaments and write or paint different names of God on them. Choose one each day to display in your home or on a tree.

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