09 January 2021 The Greatest Story Ever: The Bible KidsAdultsYouthSundays MusicInspirationVideoDiscussion View resource 18 December 2020 Exploring 1 Peter AdultsYouthSundaysInspirationThe Gospel and Culture MusicReadingVideo View resource 12 December 2020 Advent week 3: Joy KidsAdultsYouthAdventPrayerSundays DiscussionMusicReadingGameInspirationVideo View resource 27 November 2020 Advent week 1: Hope KidsAdultsYouthAdventSundays MusicInspirationVideo View resource 21 November 2020 Understanding Exodus week 11: The presence of God KidsExodusSundays MusicMakingGame View resource 08 November 2020 Understanding Exodus week 9: The tabernacle and the presence of God KidsSundaysExodus MusicVideo View resource 16 October 2020 Understanding Exodus week 5: God’s chosen people KidsExodusSundays MusicInspirationVideo View resource 14 June 2020 Exploring Psalm 131 KidsSundays MusicMaking View resource

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