16 December 2022 Fasting AdultsYouthPrayerInspiration ReadingInspirationVideo View resource 15 July 2022 The Book of Joshua AdultsYouthSundaysApologeticsOld TestamentJoshua ReadingInspirationVideoDiscussion View resource 15 December 2021 Ephesians Bible Readings AdultsYouthSundaysInspirationTheologyThe BibleNew TestamentCommunity Groups InspirationVideoDiscussion View resource 02 September 2021 DISCIPLE: Autumn Bible readings for Grace Church AdultsYouthSundaysInspirationCommunity Groups ReadingInspirationVideoDiscussion View resource 03 April 2021 The Greatest Story Ever: Leaders KidsSundaysThe BibleJudgesOld Testament DiscussionMakingInspirationVideo View resource 06 March 2021 The Greatest Story Ever: Exodus YouthKidsAdultsThe BibleSundaysExodus DiscussionMakingReadingInspirationVideo View resource 16 January 2021 The Greatest Story Ever: Beginnings KidsAdultsYouthGenesisThe BibleSundays DiscussionGameInspirationVideo View resource 09 January 2021 The Greatest Story Ever: The Bible AdultsYouthKidsSundays DiscussionMusicInspirationVideo View resource 19 December 2020 Advent week 4: Love AdultsYouthKidsAdventSundays InspirationVideoDiscussionMaking View resource 12 December 2020 Advent week 3: Joy AdultsYouthKidsAdventPrayerSundays GameInspirationVideoDiscussionMusicReading View resource

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