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We want to help people who are unemployed through Job Club, a group which equips people to get back into work by offering friendship and practical skills in a warm, relaxed environment. Job Club is run in partnership with Christians Against Poverty and centres around the eight week “Steps to Employment” course.

Your questions answered…

So who runs this?

The Job Club is supported and run by Grace Church, but the course was designed by Christians Against Poverty and is run in partnership with them. CAP is an amazing organisation that have a proven track record helping people with their debt and getting back into work.

How do I sign up?

In the box below you can see a link. Matt will be able to register your interest for the next course.

How often do these run?

We run the Job Club when needed, so once we hear from you we can let you know when the next course will begin.

Are there other courses this is connected to?

Locally there are also ‘CAP Debt Advice’ and ‘CAP Fresh Start’ courses which we would highly recommend.

Are you interested in going on this course? Get in contact and we will keep you updated on the next set of dates…

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Try it for yourself Dates TBC