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Of Lions, Gods and Kings

 Of Lions, Gods and Kings

Past Series

Lord of History
Andrew Sampson - 27/11/2016

Political Uncertainty and Global Terror
Andrew Sampson - 20/11/2016

The Search for Meaning and Purpose
Andrew Sampson - 30/10/2016

Deliverance in the Lions' Den
Ben Sewell - 23/10/2016

Who Needs Evidence?
Tom Beaumont - 16/10/2016

A King's Insanity and the Return of Reason
Andrew Sampson - 09/10/2016
The Book of Daniel commends a worldview that places God at the centre, but why is this preferable to the alternative? Andrew Sampson relates the story of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to the realm of ideas and to our lives as individuals.

Statues of Gold and the New Intolerance
Matt Leach - 02/10/2016
Our culture has taken the biblical value of tolerance (treating all people with dignity and respect) and turned it into the 'new tolerance' that treats all beliefs as equal. Yet, no one can live consistently that way. Matt Leach explores how the Book of Daniel points us towards an alternative way to live.

Reason, Faith and Revelation
Andrew Sampson - 25/09/2016

Andrew Sampson continues with our series on the Book of Daniel by considering the important question ‘How do we know what we know?’ While many people today believe that revelation is little more than superstitious nonsense, he argues that reason and revelation should be regarded as allies rather than enemies.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Andrew Sampson - 18/09/2016
Daniel 1

Andrew Sampson launches our new 9-week series on Daniel by considering the sense of tragedy and loss that Daniel must have felt when the mighty Babylonian army conquered his homeland. He shows how the Book of Daniel commends a worldview that rejects the easy answers of religious fundamentalism on the one hand and secularism on the other.