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Past Series

The Return
Ben Sewell - 13/03/2016
Jesus said that one day he will return. What will that day be like, and what are the consequences? Ben looks at what he had to say about it and how we can respond.

Stu Alred - 06/03/2016
"It's not about what you say, it's about what's understood."

Communication is a two-way process that isn't always as simple as it seems. Stu Alred looks at the example of Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 and asks us to consider what we may have to change in order to better communicate the hope we have in Jesus.

The Cross, Resurrection and Ascension
Matt Leach - 28/02/2016
Does God accept me? How does the cross of Jesus answer this question and what does his resurrection from the dead mean for us now. Matt Leach takes a survey on this key foundation of the Christian faith. 

Paul Hanley - 21/02/2016
Paul Hanley explores what it means to be a disciple of Christ. He encourages us to count the cost of being a follower, all while looking forward to the hope that lies before us.

Ben Sewell - 16/02/2016
Heaven is a dream in our culture. We hope and wish for a better future, but is it coming, and if so, when? Ben explores this question and discovers that Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is breaking in already. What could that mean for us today? 

Empowered Part 2
Simon Brown - 31/01/2016
Jesus loved spending time with the Father and hearing his voice. In this message, visiting speaker Simon Brown explains three keys that can help each of us hear God's voice more clearly.

Empowered Part 1
Andrew Sampson - 24/01/2016
 Luke 3 & 4
Christians are followers of Jesus who, filled with the same Spirit that filled Jesus at his baptism, are being empowered to live lives that increasingly look like Jesus’ own life. In this talk, Andrew Sampson explains how this truth should shape our expectations, and invites us to ask God for more of his empowering presence in our lives and in our church.

Tom Beaumont - 17/01/2016
Luke 1:26-33

In this first sermon from our new series, Christlike, Tom Beaumont unpacks the doctrine of the Incarnation - the truth that God himself came down to earth to participate in our humanity. He argues that by wrestling with the paradox of Jesus, who is both God and Man, we find the full expression of the Gospel itself, and an encouraging example of how to live Christ-shaped lives today.