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Christ Central

 Christ Central

Past Series

Ripples of Influence
Andy Arscott - 21/06/2015
Philippians 2:19-30

Visiting speaker Andy Arscott from Dorchester Family Church concludes our series on Paul's letter to the Philippians by considering the examples of Paul's team mates, Timothy and Epaphroditus. He challenges us on the extent to which Jesus Christ is influencing us, and using our everyday lives to magnify his influence in the world.

Growing in Christlikeness 1: God's goal for our lives
Andrew Sampson - 14/06/2015
Philippians 1:3-11

What is God's priority for our lives? Andrew Sampson shows how God's ultimate purpose is to make us more like Jesus, so that all the glory and praise go to him. Coming to appreciate God's ultimate purpose for our lives is profoundly liberating, as it makes it possible for us to take failure, disappointment and suffering in our stride.

Matt Leach - 07/06/2015
Paul has learned the secret of being content in every circumstance. Mere bold assertion or is their some substance?

In the next part of our Christ Central series Matt Leach looks what could lie behind this and how we might step toward this in our own lives.

Marks of a Christ-centred Life 2: Peace
Andrew Sampson - 31/05/2015
Philippians 4:4-9

In this passage, Paul calls upon us to take our private seriously, and to seek to cultivate an inner life which is characterised by peace rather than anxiety. Drawing upon Paul's words in this passage, along with Gordon MacDonald's book, 'Ordering Your Private World', Andrew Sampson examines two 'pathways to peace', namely prayer and a life centred on Jesus Christ.

24th May
Barry Heaton - 24/05/2015

Marks of A Christ-Centred Life 1: Hope
Ben Sewell - 17/05/2015
Speaking from Philippians 3, Ben describes how our hope for eternity shapes our day to day life.

Christ Our Everything
Andrew Sampson - 10/05/2015
In this autobiographical passage, the apostle Paul sets out with startling clarity just how much Jesus means to him. Andrew Sampson invites us to consider two questions in the light of Paul's remarks. What is it that makes Jesus so special? And what difference does it make when you value Jesus above all else?

Sunday 3rd May
Paul Hanley - 03/05/2015

The Christ Centred Life 1: The Divine Centre
Andrew Sampson - 26/04/2015
In this first message of our new preaching series, Andrew Sampson introduces the main themes of Paul's letter to the Philippians. He focuses on verse 21 as a summary statement of what the Christian life is all about: 'For me to live is Christ.'