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Our Story

The story of Grace Church is bound up with the story of what God is doing, and desires to do, in our region and across the world.
Some years ago, God spoke to us through a painting by John Miller that hangs in Truro Cathedral. This shows the Cornish peninsula with local churches represented as beacons of light. The sad fact is that through much of the county, the lights of Christian witness that previously burned bright have grown dim or become extinguished altogether. Miller’s painting provides us with our mission statement: ‘turning the lights back on.’
Small Beginnings
Our story began in earnest when a few members of Blaze Church in Newquay were sent out to plant a new church in Truro. Grace Church started in January 2010 with nine adults and three children meeting in a front room. Four months later, we moved to a local secondary school and Grace Church was publicly launched.
Since then we have welcomed many new people to the church family, and in the autumn of 2013 we started meeting at Truro College to accommodate the growing numbers.
Our vision
We are convinced that God wants to see every community impacted by a local church where people of all ages and walks of life are welcomed, loved and helped to grow as followers of Jesus.
While we’re called to focus on Truro and our immediate locality, we’re committed to building a church whose influence is also felt across the county as we function as a sending and resourcing base for further new churches. Nothing less than this is necessary if we’re going to see the ‘lights turned back on’ in Cornwall.
In addition to this, we believe that God wants every local church to play its part in seeing churches planted and strengthened all over the world. This is why we’re also committed to building partnerships with churches in other nations, particularly in the Far East.