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Face To Face with Jesus


 In his account of Jesus’ life John focuses on Jesus’ face-to-face encounters with all sorts of different people, one by one. Jesus, it seems, isn’t especially concerned with attracting a mass following. He doesn’t crave or need the adulation of a vast crowd. Jesus loves people, and he affords each person the honour of being treated as an individual.

 The goal of this series is for us to see ourselves in the accounts of these personal encounters with Jesus, so that each one of us gets “our moment” with him.


Past Series

Jesus, You and Me
Andrew Sampson - 29/07/2018

Jesus and the Questioning Sceptic
Ben Askew - 22/07/2018

Jesus & the Powerful Politician
Peter Keevil - 15/07/2018

Jesus & the Confused Disciples
Andrew Sampson - 08/07/2018

Jesus and the Devoted Worshipper
Jem Bunce - 24/06/2018

Jesus and the Grieving Sisters
Andrew Sampson - 17/06/2018

Jesus and the Blind Man
Chris Plant - 10/06/2018

Jesus and the Adulterous Woman
Andrew Sampson - 03/06/2018

Jesus and the Helpless Invalid
Ben Sewell - 27/05/2018

Jesus and the Social Outcast
Andrew Sampson - 06/05/2018

Jesus and the Religious Leader
Matt Leach - 29/04/2018
 Jesus' encounter with Nicodemus (or Nick as Matt likes to call him) highlights just how revolutionary Jesus was in how he showed us to relate to God. Matt unpacks this encounter and helps us to see the amazing nature of the grace of God.