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Past Series

Psalm 121
Andrew Sampson - 29/03/2020

Psalm 78
Andrew Sampson - 22/03/2020
The audio quality of this recording may be slightly reduced due to Grace Church live streaming our sermons on Facebook for the time being.

Psalm 46
Andrew Sampson - 15/03/2020

Local AND Global
Peter Keevil - 08/03/2020

Breathing In AND Breathing Out
Andrew Sampson - 01/03/2020

Leadership AND All play
Matt Leach - 23/02/2020

Andrew Sampson - 16/02/2020

Unity AND Diversity
John Peters - 09/02/2020

Word AND Spirit
Andrew Sampson - 02/02/2020

Facing the stuff of life
John Peel - 26/01/2020

Divine Sovereignty AND Human Responsibility
Andrew Sampson - 19/01/2020

Form AND Fire
Matt Leach - 12/01/2020

The Kingdom now AND not yet
Andrew Sampson - 05/01/2020

Light Has Come 2
Huw Briscoe - 22/12/2019

Light Has Come
Ben Askew - 15/12/2019

Life with the Spirit 12
Matt Leach - 08/12/2019

Life with the Spirit 11
Andrew Sampson - 01/12/2019

Life with the Spirit 10
Peter Keevil - 24/11/2019

Life with the Spirit 9
Ben Askew - 17/11/2019

Life with the Spirit 8
Matt Noble - 10/11/2019

Life with the Spirit 7
Andrew Sampson - 03/11/2019

Life with the Spirit 6
Jem Bunce - 27/10/2019

Life with the Spirit 5
Matt Leach - 20/10/2019

Life with the Spirit 4
Andrew Sampson - 13/10/2019

Life with the Spirit 3
Andrew Sampson - 06/10/2019

Introduction 2
Andrew Sampson - 29/09/2019

Andrew Sampson - 22/09/2019

Matt Leach - 15/09/2019

Psalm 66
Andrew Sampson - 08/09/2019

All Things 4
Matt Leach - 01/09/2019

All Things 3
Sarah Weigold - 25/08/2019

All Things 2
Liam Brannigan - 18/08/2019

All Things 1
Peter Keevil - 04/08/2019

Romans talk 11 (Romans 15:5-16)
Andrew Sampson - 28/07/2019

Romans talk 10 (Romans 14)
Andrew Sampson - 21/07/2019

Romans talk 9 (Romans 13:1-14)
Ben Askew - 14/07/2019

Romans talk 8 (Romans 12:1-13)
Matt Leach - 07/07/2019

Romans talk 7 (Romans 8:18-39)
Andrew Sampson - 23/06/2019

Romans talk 6 (Romans 7:1-8:17)
Andrew Sampson - 16/06/2019

Pentecost Sunday
Jem Bunce - 09/06/2019

Romans talk 5 (Romans 6)
Andrew Sampson - 02/06/2019

Romans talk 4 (Romans 5)
Matt Leach - 26/05/2019

Romans talk 3 (Romans 3-4)
Andrew Sampson - 19/05/2019

Vision Sunday
Andrew, Matt and Ben - 12/05/2019

Romans talk 2 (Romans 1:18-2:29)
Andrew Sampson - 05/05/2019

Romans talk 1 (Romans 1:1-17)
Andrew Sampson - 28/04/2019

Easter Sunday
Ben Sewell - 21/04/2019

James Talk 7 (James 5:13-20)
John Peters - 14/04/2019

James Talk 6 (James 4:11-5:6)
Andrew Sampson - 07/04/2019

James talk 5 (James 4:1-10)
Andrew Sampson - 31/03/2019

James Talk 4 (James 3)
Jem Bunce - 24/03/2019

Baptism Sunday
Peter Keevil - 17/03/2019

James Talk 3 (James 2:2-13)
Matt Leach - 03/03/2019

James Talk 2 (James 1:20-27)
Andrew Sampson - 24/02/2019

James Talk 1 (James 1:1-19)
Andrew Sampson - 17/02/2019

A call to the nations
George Verwer - 10/02/2019

If God can use Jonah
Peter Keevil - 13/01/2019

Psalm 68
Andrew Sampson - 06/01/2019

Ben Askew
Ben Askew - 16/12/2018

Advent 2
Ben Sewell - 09/12/2018

Advent 1
Matt Leach - 02/12/2018

Environmental Concern
Andrew Sampson - 25/11/2018

Ben Davies
- 18/11/2018

Tracing the Story Forward
Andrew Sampson - 04/11/2018

Weeds in the Garden
Andrew Sampson - 28/10/2018

Try Church 1
Matt Leach - 21/10/2018

Made In His Image
Andrew Sampson - 14/10/2018

Work & Rest
Andrew Sampson - 07/10/2018

Forming and Filling
Andrew Sampson - 30/09/2018

In the Beginning, God
Andrew Sampson - 23/09/2018

Giving - A Faith that Grows
Andrew Sampson - 16/09/2018

The Vine
Ben Sewell - 02/09/2018

The Way, The Truth & The Life
Jo Larcombe - 26/08/2018

The Gate and the Good Shepherd
Andrew Sampson - 19/08/2018

Light of the World
Matt Leach - 12/08/2018

Bread of Life
Barry Heaton - 05/08/2018

Jesus, You and Me
Andrew Sampson - 29/07/2018

Jesus and the Questioning Sceptic
Ben Askew - 22/07/2018

Jesus & the Powerful Politician
Peter Keevil - 15/07/2018

Jesus & the Confused Disciples
Andrew Sampson - 08/07/2018

Matt Leach - 01/07/2018

Jesus and the Devoted Worshipper
Jem Bunce - 24/06/2018

Jesus and the Grieving Sisters
Andrew Sampson - 17/06/2018

Jesus and the Blind Man
Chris Plant - 10/06/2018

Jesus and the Adulterous Woman
Andrew Sampson - 03/06/2018

Jesus and the Helpless Invalid
Ben Sewell - 27/05/2018

Jem Bunce - 20/05/2018

Jesus and the Social Outcast
Andrew Sampson - 06/05/2018

Jesus and the Religious Leader
Matt Leach - 29/04/2018
 Jesus' encounter with Nicodemus (or Nick as Matt likes to call him) highlights just how revolutionary Jesus was in how he showed us to relate to God. Matt unpacks this encounter and helps us to see the amazing nature of the grace of God.

Disciples: Loved, Empowered, Sent
Barry Heaton - 15/04/2018
 Barry encourages us by sharing how Jesus is sending us, just as the Father sent him - loved and empowered.

Andrew Sampson - 08/04/2018
Andrew speaks from John 20, looking at the power of Jesus' resurrection in bringing complete peace and wholeness at every level.

Jesus Dies on a Cross
Ben Sewell - 25/03/2018
 Jesus died on a cross - seems like a pretty basic Christian statement. But what does it mean to follow a King who died in humiliation and shame?

Stand Firm
Peter Keevil - 18/03/2018
 Peter speaks from Ephesians 6, urging us to be filled by the Holy Spirit to stand firm in the fight.

The Gospel in Life
Matt and Lucy Leach - 11/03/2018

Growing Up
Andrew Sampson - 04/03/2018

The Gifts of Christ
Barry Heaton - 25/02/2018

The Manifold Wisdom of God
Ben Sewell - 18/02/2018

A Holy Temple
Andrew Sampson - 11/02/2018

Joined Together
Andrew Sampson - 28/01/2018

Every Spiritual Blessing
Jem Bunce - 21/01/2018

All Of Ephesians
Andrew Sampson - 14/01/2018

Longing for God
Andrew Sampson - 07/01/2018

Herod and The Magi
Ben Askew - 17/12/2017
The Christmas story is so familiar to many of us - and no-one thinks they can learn anything from Herod, and little from the Magi. Ben takes a special look at these characters, and the reason that Matthew includes them in his account of Jesus' birth, helping us to understand just how amazing the news of Jesus' kingship is.

Christmas 2017
Andrew Sampson - 10/12/2017

The Church Year
Laura Sampson - 03/12/2017
 Laura tells the story of the church year in the same storytelling style as used with GraceKids week to week.

Exuberant Praise
Andrew Sampson - 26/11/2017

The End
Matt Leach - 19/11/2017
 Speaking from Psalm 96, Matt looks at how we can celebrate in prayer as we look to the day of judgement; including an exploration of why judgement is good news, not bad.

Andrew Sampson - 12/11/2017
Andrew opens Psalm 105 and finds a remarkably broad and sweeping account of the history of Israel. He uncovers how this gave them their identity and how it can also form a basis for our identity as the people of God today.

Violence and Hate
Andrew Sampson - 05/11/2017
In Psalm 137 we find some of the most challenging and violent language in the entire Bible. Andrew looks at how it is that this found its way in, and what it teaches us about how to pray.

Justification By Faith
John Peel - 29/10/2017
 John Peel speaks from Romans 3 on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. He looks at Martin Luther's struggles with a God who seems to demand so much of a failing humanity, and on to find the joy of Jesus' message of good news.

Matt Leach - 22/10/2017
 Matt uncovers the astoundingly comprehensive nature of our salvation as he expounds Psalm 103

Andrew Sampson - 15/10/2017
 Speaking from Psalm 57, Andrew explores the arena of corporate worship and challenges us to move from an individual-centric mode to a corporate-first mode of worship.

Andrew Sampson - 01/10/2017

True Worship 1
Andrew Sampson - 24/09/2017

Obeying Jesus
Andrew Sampson - 10/09/2017
Andrew ties up the Jesus in Community series with a call to obeying Jesus' teaching - with the promise of standing firm through life's storms.

Matthew 14
Terry Virgo - 02/09/2017
 Terry Virgo speaks to the Cornwall churches.

Jesus Eats In Community
Jo Larcombe - 06/08/2017
 Jo explores how Jesus eats in community, how central eating is to Jesus' ministry, and who Jesus chooses to eat with. She leads us to some exciting but challenging conclusions on how we handle our mealtimes.

Sharing Life Together
Matt Leach - 30/07/2017

Jesus In Community: Introduction
Andrew Sampson - 23/07/2017
 Andrew opens the Jesus in Community series by looking at how Jesus forms the community around him; selecting the twelve apostles from the crowds.

Rest Complete Part 2
Tom Beaumont - 16/07/2017
Tom draws the series on God's Promised Rest to a conclusion with an exhortation to persevere and have hope - a faith-building message to catapult us into the summer.

Rest Restored Part 2
Ben Sewell - 02/07/2017
 Ben looks at Jesus' words, "Come to me ... and I will give you rest." He unpicks parts of what Jesus does and doesn't mean here, and helps us to see the joy of focussing on our glorious God instead of ourselves.

The powerpoint presentation is here.

Rest Restored Part 1
Andrew Sampson - 25/06/2017
Andrew looks at different attitudes to weekly Sabbath rest, and discovers which ones Jesus accepts and which ones Jesus rejects.

Rest Disintegrated
Matt Leach - 18/06/2017
 God created the world good, with appropriate rhythms and enough rest. What went wrong?

Rest Instituted
Matt Leach - 11/06/2017
 Starting the series, "God's Promised Rest", Matt sets the scene for rest being an essential part of life; how rest and work fit together to make a healthy and happy rhythm - including how this rhythm is all part of paradise.

Persistent Prayer
Jem Bunce - 04/06/2017
Speaking from the part of the Bible where Jesus gives us the Lord's Prayer, Jem looks at how and why we should be persistent in prayer, and the generosity of God in response to us.

The Lords Prayer
Andrew Sampson - 28/05/2017

Motivated by compassion
Jem Bunce - 21/05/2017
Send off week for the Falmouth team. Includes Andrew preach titled 'As the Father sent me, I am sending you'.

Liam Brannigan - 14/05/2017

Affection and Loss
Andrew Sampson - 07/05/2017

Faith not fear
Matt Leach - 30/04/2017

My Story and The Church
Andrew Sampson - 23/04/2017
 Andrew looks at how he has come to an understanding of God's design for the church, and whether church is an optional extra in the Christian life.

The Crucifixion
Liam Brannigan - 09/04/2017

Getting Close with Wine and Bread
Ben Sewell - 02/04/2017
We all feel disconnected from one another, God, sometimes. In sharing communion together, Jesus has given us a wonderful meal with which to connect to God - Ben explores the magnitude of this gift today.

My Story
Jeremy Moses - 26/03/2017
Guest speaker, Jeremy Moses, from Grace Church Waterloo concludes the series 'Being Human' by sharing his story.

Community and Friendship
Andrew Sampson - 19/03/2017

Andrew Sampson - 12/03/2017
 Andrew continues the Being Human series

Brokenness and Suffering
Andrew Sampson - 05/03/2017

Marriage and Singleness
Matt Leach - 26/02/2017

Andrew Sampson - 19/02/2017
 Andrew introduces the Being Human series by addressing a key issue in our culture, and human experience - where we find our identity.

Spirit Empowered
Paul Hanley - 12/02/2017

Andrew Sampson - 05/02/2017

Andrew Sampson - 29/01/2017
 Also includes praying for Falmouth team.

Prayer Week and Gift Day
Ben Sewell - 29/01/2017

Serving Our City
Matt Leach and Natalie Gavan - 22/01/2017

Missional Community
Andrew Sampson and Matt Leach - 15/01/2017

Living With Vision
Andrew Sampson - 08/01/2017

Prince of Peace
Simon Thomas - 11/12/2016

Lord of History
Andrew Sampson - 27/11/2016

Political Uncertainty and Global Terror
Andrew Sampson - 20/11/2016

Andy Arscott - 13/11/2016

Liam Brannigan - 06/11/2016
We apologise for the background noise on this recording.

The Search for Meaning and Purpose
Andrew Sampson - 30/10/2016

Deliverance in the Lions' Den
Ben Sewell - 23/10/2016

Who Needs Evidence?
Tom Beaumont - 16/10/2016

A King's Insanity and the Return of Reason
Andrew Sampson - 09/10/2016
The Book of Daniel commends a worldview that places God at the centre, but why is this preferable to the alternative? Andrew Sampson relates the story of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to the realm of ideas and to our lives as individuals.

Statues of Gold and the New Intolerance
Matt Leach - 02/10/2016
Our culture has taken the biblical value of tolerance (treating all people with dignity and respect) and turned it into the 'new tolerance' that treats all beliefs as equal. Yet, no one can live consistently that way. Matt Leach explores how the Book of Daniel points us towards an alternative way to live.

Reason, Faith and Revelation
Andrew Sampson - 25/09/2016

Andrew Sampson continues with our series on the Book of Daniel by considering the important question ‘How do we know what we know?’ While many people today believe that revelation is little more than superstitious nonsense, he argues that reason and revelation should be regarded as allies rather than enemies.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Andrew Sampson - 18/09/2016
Daniel 1

Andrew Sampson launches our new 9-week series on Daniel by considering the sense of tragedy and loss that Daniel must have felt when the mighty Babylonian army conquered his homeland. He shows how the Book of Daniel commends a worldview that rejects the easy answers of religious fundamentalism on the one hand and secularism on the other.

Mobilising the Dream
Matt Leach - 11/09/2016

"Preach the Word" - Truth vs. Comfort
Ben Sewell - 28/08/2016

"Continue in What You Have Learnt"
John Peters - 21/08/2016
Reminding Timothy of what it means to be lovers of God rather than lovers of self. Paul calls him and us to stand firm and hold on to the truth of the gospel, equipping us to live lives of distinction in times of difficulty and persecution.

The Kingdom
Pete Cornford - 14/08/2016

"Present Yourself to God as One Approved"
Andrew Sampson - 07/08/2016
2 Timothy 2:14-26

Taking verse 15 as a headline statement, Andrew explains that the kind of life that God is looking for is one in which we're attending to our character and becoming better skilled in our handling of God's Word.

"Do Not be Ashamed to Testify"
Matt Leach - 24/07/2016

"Timothy, My Dear Son"
Andrew Sampson - 17/07/2016
2 Timothy 1:1-14

Andrew Sampson introduces our new teaching series entitled ‘Confident’ by surveying three of the big themes in Paul’s second letter to Timothy: a call to activism; a call to loyalty; a call to have confidence.

Is God Your Promised Land?
Andrew Sampson - 10/07/2016
Exodus 33:1-6, 12-17


Andrew Sampson concludes our series on Redemption by explaining how the presence of God is the unifying theme of both the Book of Exodus and the grand story that the Bible tells. 

The Covenant Keeping God: Our only hope for lasting change
Andrew Sampson - 03/07/2016
Exodus 34:1-10


This recording begins with an interview with Roger Chilman, discussing his battle with depression and encouraging more open discussion about mental illness. Following this Andrew Sampson explains how the God we read about in the Book of Exodus is the same God who reveals his glory and expresses his commitment to humanity through the person and work of Jesus Christ. 

The Golden Calf: Volunteering for Slavery
Matt Leach - 26/06/2016

Reason, Faith and the Future
Lex Loizides - 19/06/2016

Demanding Manna: The subtle significance of everyday desires
Andrew Sampson - 12/06/2016
Exodus 16

The newly-redeemed Israelites were expecting a land flowing with milk and honey and found themselves in a dusty wilderness. Andrew Sampson explains how God uses everything in our lives to help build our trust in him.

Lesson from the Life of David
Grant Van Schalkwyk - 29/05/2016
 Our guest speaker from Redeemer Church, Plymouth, shares four significant life lessons from one of the great men of God in the Old Testament. 

Jem Bunce - 15/05/2016
Today we celebrate Pentecost, the day we remember when the promised Holy Spirit was first poured out on the disciples to enable them to experience the power and the presence of God. The Holy Spirit is still being poured out on the church, and on individual believers today. 

Bricks Without Straw: How Long, Oh Lord?
Ben Sewell - 08/05/2016
Exodus 5, 6:1

​Being freed from slavery hurts.

We are all susceptible to bring trapped into depending on things that aren't good. And when we seek freedom from them, it is harder than we expect. Why? And what can we do about it?

When You Suffer God is Near
Tom Beaumont - 01/05/2016
Exodus 2:23 - 3:10

​In the beginning of the book of Exodus, we find the Israelites crying out to God in their suffering. Beau shows us how we too can cry out to our heavenly father in the midst of our own desperate situations. 

Redemption: Placing Our Lives in God's Great Story
Matt Leach - 24/04/2016
The Bible tells one big story. It’s the story of how a loving God sets about redeeming a people for himself. That people is made up of individuals like you and me.

Launching our series where we’ll be looking at the story of the book of Exodus Matt Leach invites us to see the humanity of the people involved and connect with the God who never lets go.

Committed to Church Planting
Andrew Sampson - 17/04/2016
Luke & Acts

Andrew Sampson explains why church planting and strengthening churches is integral to our mission. Looking at Luke's writings in the New Testament, he shows how our commitment to church planting is rooted in an understanding of the big story that the Bible tells.

Adopted As Sons
Jo Larcombe - 10/04/2016

Children of a Father
Barry Heaton - 03/04/2016
1 John 3:1-2

​Sometimes our idea of "Father" is tainted by our experience of our fathers. In this sermon Barry Heaton unpacks these verses to reveal an all loving, all caring, perfect Father: God. Barry looks at the kind of love the Father has for us and the impact is has on our lives.

Palm Sunday
Liam Brannigan - 20/03/2016

The Return
Ben Sewell - 13/03/2016
Jesus said that one day he will return. What will that day be like, and what are the consequences? Ben looks at what he had to say about it and how we can respond.

Stu Alred - 06/03/2016
"It's not about what you say, it's about what's understood."

Communication is a two-way process that isn't always as simple as it seems. Stu Alred looks at the example of Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 and asks us to consider what we may have to change in order to better communicate the hope we have in Jesus.

The Cross, Resurrection and Ascension
Matt Leach - 28/02/2016
Does God accept me? How does the cross of Jesus answer this question and what does his resurrection from the dead mean for us now. Matt Leach takes a survey on this key foundation of the Christian faith. 

Paul Hanley - 21/02/2016
Paul Hanley explores what it means to be a disciple of Christ. He encourages us to count the cost of being a follower, all while looking forward to the hope that lies before us.

Ben Sewell - 16/02/2016
Heaven is a dream in our culture. We hope and wish for a better future, but is it coming, and if so, when? Ben explores this question and discovers that Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is breaking in already. What could that mean for us today? 

The Great Banquet
Andrew Sampson - 07/02/2016
Luke 14:1, 7-24
“Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee.” Andrew Sampson explains how God offers every one of us – regardless of our background – a life that richly satisfies.

Empowered Part 2
Simon Brown - 31/01/2016
Jesus loved spending time with the Father and hearing his voice. In this message, visiting speaker Simon Brown explains three keys that can help each of us hear God's voice more clearly.

Empowered Part 1
Andrew Sampson - 24/01/2016
 Luke 3 & 4
Christians are followers of Jesus who, filled with the same Spirit that filled Jesus at his baptism, are being empowered to live lives that increasingly look like Jesus’ own life. In this talk, Andrew Sampson explains how this truth should shape our expectations, and invites us to ask God for more of his empowering presence in our lives and in our church.

Tom Beaumont - 17/01/2016
Luke 1:26-33

In this first sermon from our new series, Christlike, Tom Beaumont unpacks the doctrine of the Incarnation - the truth that God himself came down to earth to participate in our humanity. He argues that by wrestling with the paradox of Jesus, who is both God and Man, we find the full expression of the Gospel itself, and an encouraging example of how to live Christ-shaped lives today.

Giving Challenge
Matt Leach - 10/01/2016
God loves us just as we are but love us enough not to leave us that way" When come to God it's like he switches the lights on inside. As we go on He gets to work on us straightening out the kinks. As we launch our 40 day giving challenge from 2016 Matt Leach invites us to give our financial priorities a fresh lick of paint in the light of how God encourages us to turn to him in every circumstance and the strength of his promises.

Vision Sunday
Andrew Sampson - 03/01/2016
John 13:1-7, 34-35

Andrew Sampson opens 2016 by presenting the vision of Jesus emptying himself of his dignity and washing his disciples' feet. He asks, What would it mean for us to be followers of a man like that over the course of this new year?

Apologies for the background noise on this recording.

A Child Is Born
Barry Heaton - 20/12/2015
Isaiah 9:2-7

"For onto us a child is born, to us a son is given."
Looking at this amazing prophesy Barry encourages us to remember the wonder of the incarnation this festive season.

Light Has Come
Andrew Sampson - 13/12/2015
Luke 2:1-20; John 1:1-14

In this carol service address, Andrew Sampson explains how the Christmas story provides us with hope that God's light can expel the darkness in our lives and in our world.

The Conclusion of the Matter
John Peel - 29/11/2015
Ecclesiastes 12:9-14
Face the Facts, Fear God, Follow His Commandments

John Peel from Redeemer Church, Plymouth, wraps up our series on the Book of Ecclesiastes by taking us to the Teacher's conclusion. He invites us to consider: to what extent do we 'fear God' by allowing Him to shape our lives? 

Political Power
Matt Leach - 22/11/2015
How should we relate to those in power when the promises made are constantly under delivered and our Christian values clash with those in authority? Matt Leach looks at this contentious subject.  

Chance and Misfortune
Andrew Sampson - 15/11/2015
 Ecclesiastes 9:7-12 (& 7:13-14)


‘Time and chance happen to us all’. But how do we respond when misfortunes strike? In this talk, Andrew Sampson shows us how the Teacher urges us to trust God in the midst of the calamaties, misfortunes and unexpected events that occur in our lives.

Evil and Injustice
Andrew Sampson - 08/11/2015
Ecclesiastes 4:1-3


One of the recurring themes of Ecclesiastes is that we live in a broken, messed up world. In this talk, Andrew Sampson shows how the Bible provides us with the resources we need to respond to evil and injustice.

The Controlling Force
Ben Sewell - 01/11/2015
Money controls so much of what happens in the works around us. As we try and harness it, far too easily we are hurt by it. Ben explores how the Teacher of Ecclesiastes and Jesus show us how to escape the grip of Money. 

Achievement Through Hard Work
Andrew Sampson - 25/10/2015
Ecclesiastes 2:17-24

What is my attitude to work? Am I at risk of turning work into an idol? Andrew Sampson considers how Ecclesiastes can help us keep work in proper perspective, and point us towards the rest offered us in Jesus.

Matt Leach - 18/10/2015
Ecclesiastes 2: 1-11

Solomon had done it all. And by all we find that he had really done it all! Yet in the end everything he pursued, he determined, was meaningless. In this sermon Matt Leach takes us through Solomon's assessment of the pursuit of pleasure points at how ultimate satisfaction found is found only with Jesus. 

Learning and Wisdom
Andrew Sampson - 11/10/2015
Ecclesiastes 1:12-18 & 2:12-16

In these passages the Teacher vents the frustration he feels as a student of knowledge and wisdom. Where can true wisdom be found? Andrew Sampson explains how the wisdom that comes from God is found in the cross of Christ. 

The Glory of God in the People of God
Liam Brannigan - 04/10/2015

Introduction to Ecclesiastes
Andrew Sampson - 27/09/2015
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

Andrew Sampson introduces our new series in Ecclesiastes by exploring three great themes of this remarkable book.

Mutual Responsibility
Andrew Sampson - 20/09/2015
Hebrews 10:19-25
We Christians are called to ‘spur one another on’ to grow in maturity. This means recognising that we have a responsibility towards one another. Andrew Sampson invites us to consider: who is on your list?

Andrew's short paper about clusters can be found here -

Andrew Sampson - 13/09/2015
Andrew Sampson reflects on the second of the whole-church themes that we're focusing on over the next year. Starting from Paul's analogy of the church as a body in 1 Corinthians 12, Andrew invites each of us to consider the extent to which we own Grace Church's vision for building community.

Andrew Sampson and Matt Leach - 06/09/2015
In the first of two talks setting the scene for this academic year, Andrew and Matt discuss the importance of Partnership in church, and how we will be developing this in Grace.

The Big Story
Andrew Sampson and friends - 23/08/2015
Andrew Sampson is joined by Chris Plant (Blaze Church Newquay) and Paul Hanley (The Kings Arms Camborne). Together they look at how we can be caught up in God's Big Story as we work in partnership to see the lights turned back on in Cornwall by planting and strengthening churches, making disciples and sharing the good news of Jesus with others.

Apologies for the background noise during this recording.

Loving Community
Tom Beaumont - 16/08/2015
Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.
Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.
(Romans 12v9-10)

Diverse Community
Andrew Sampson - 09/08/2015

Andrew takes us through Romans 12:1-8 and looks at how the church can find unity in diversity.

Distinctive Community
Matt Leach - 26/07/2015
 Matt looks at the foundation of how we become a distinctive community, speaking from Paul's letter to the Romans, chapter 12.

Accept Everyone
Andrew Sampson - 19/07/2015
 We don't just see divisions in 21st Century Britain - they've been around for some time. Speaking from a letter that Paul wrote to the Roman church, Andrew explores how Jesus broke down divisions in his time and continues to do so today.

Building Community
Jo Larcombe - 12/07/2015
Taking a look at the early church, Jo explores God's best for how we can live as community. Georgie, Emma and Sian relate their experiences of Grace Church community, and Andrew introduces the Summer Community Challenge.

Apologies for the background noise during this recording.

Inviting Jesus In
Ben Sewell - 05/07/2015
Jesus is interested mostly in religious people, is he? Interviewing Allen and Gayle, and looking at a short episode from Jesus' life, Ben discovers  that he's more interested in those who know they don't "make the standard".

Walking With Jesus - Prayer
Liam Brannigan - 28/06/2015
As those in a relationship with God, we are encouraged to deepen that relationship, to learn to walk with Jesus and ultimately, to know God. One way we can deepen our relationship is through prayer. Prayer is vital to our growth and maturity as we communicate with our Father.

Ripples of Influence
Andy Arscott - 21/06/2015
Philippians 2:19-30

Visiting speaker Andy Arscott from Dorchester Family Church concludes our series on Paul's letter to the Philippians by considering the examples of Paul's team mates, Timothy and Epaphroditus. He challenges us on the extent to which Jesus Christ is influencing us, and using our everyday lives to magnify his influence in the world.

Growing in Christlikeness 1: God's goal for our lives
Andrew Sampson - 14/06/2015
Philippians 1:3-11

What is God's priority for our lives? Andrew Sampson shows how God's ultimate purpose is to make us more like Jesus, so that all the glory and praise go to him. Coming to appreciate God's ultimate purpose for our lives is profoundly liberating, as it makes it possible for us to take failure, disappointment and suffering in our stride.

Matt Leach - 07/06/2015
Paul has learned the secret of being content in every circumstance. Mere bold assertion or is their some substance?

In the next part of our Christ Central series Matt Leach looks what could lie behind this and how we might step toward this in our own lives.

Marks of a Christ-centred Life 2: Peace
Andrew Sampson - 31/05/2015
Philippians 4:4-9

In this passage, Paul calls upon us to take our private seriously, and to seek to cultivate an inner life which is characterised by peace rather than anxiety. Drawing upon Paul's words in this passage, along with Gordon MacDonald's book, 'Ordering Your Private World', Andrew Sampson examines two 'pathways to peace', namely prayer and a life centred on Jesus Christ.

24th May
Barry Heaton - 24/05/2015

Marks of A Christ-Centred Life 1: Hope
Ben Sewell - 17/05/2015
Speaking from Philippians 3, Ben describes how our hope for eternity shapes our day to day life.

Christ Our Everything
Andrew Sampson - 10/05/2015
In this autobiographical passage, the apostle Paul sets out with startling clarity just how much Jesus means to him. Andrew Sampson invites us to consider two questions in the light of Paul's remarks. What is it that makes Jesus so special? And what difference does it make when you value Jesus above all else?

Sunday 3rd May
Paul Hanley - 03/05/2015

The Christ Centred Life 1: The Divine Centre
Andrew Sampson - 26/04/2015
In this first message of our new preaching series, Andrew Sampson introduces the main themes of Paul's letter to the Philippians. He focuses on verse 21 as a summary statement of what the Christian life is all about: 'For me to live is Christ.'

A rule of thumb for your bank balance!
Matt Leach - 19/04/2015
Money wants to guide and exert influence on every aspect of your life.

Guess what?

That’s precisely what God wants too.

No wonder there’s a battle going on.

Who will win? You decide.

Following Jesus' Vision
Ben Sewell - 12/04/2015
Why do you live, and what do you live for? Ben looks at Jesus’ reasons and invites us to make them our own.

Matt Leach - 23/03/2015
When we celebrate communion we retell the greatest story in history – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Matt looks at the significance of the event of the Last Supper and it’s implication for God’s people individually and as a family together.

We are Family!
Jo Larcombe - 15/03/2015
 On Mother's Day 2015, Jo speaks on motherhood - what it is to be a mother, or not be a mother - to have a mother, or not have a mother - and how God walks through all of it with us, calling us into a greater family.

Extravagant Devotion To The King
Jem Bunce - 08/03/2015
Jem Bunce from our sister church Blaze in Newquay explains how extravagant worship to Jesus cause reactions of disapproval in His day, as it does today. But one day it will be universally accepted.

Out With The Old
Andrew Sampson - 01/03/2015
Jesus will not allow us to accommodate him into our old lives. He calls us to an entirely new way to live. Andrew Sampson examines the contrast between the self-interest of the religious scribes and the total sacrifice of the poor widow to explain what being part of God’s kingdom is all about.

(Apologies for the quality of the audio - technical hitch on this one)

God - Shepherd - Enough!
John Peel - 22/02/2015
Three words that say it all, God - Shepherd - Enough!

John invites us to look beyond the frequently romanticised misconceptions of Psalm 23 and properly see it in the down to earth sheep husbandry context it is actually set. Taking a "sheep's eye" view, he challenges us to see it as a description of the true disciple's heart manifesto.

Positioning For Revival
Matt Noble - 15/02/2015

The Parable of the Tenants
Matt Leach - 08/02/2015
Relevant for then and relevant for now this story packs a punch far above the weight of it's few verses. Extra details and a crunch of gears just help to make us wonder what Jesus was talking about. Matt endeavours to explain the significance.

Jesus and the Temple
Andrew Sampson - 01/02/2015
When Jesus entered the Jerusalem temple during the Jewish festival of Passover, he overturned the money-changers' tables and drove out those who were buying and selling there. Why did he do it? Andrew Sampson explains how Jesus' protest spoke of God's judgement on His people and His intention to replace the temple with something better, namely Jesus' perfect sacrifice. How shall we respond?

There's No Commandment Greater Than These
Tom Beaumont - 26/01/2015
What's love got to do with it? Everything, according to Jesus. Beau takes us through the two greatest commandments and explores how loving God wholeheartedly frees us from self-interest, and empowers us to love others in a practical way.

The Principle of Stewardship (or, why your stuff isn’t really your stuff)
Andrew Sampson - 26/01/2015
Matthew 25 :14-30

The Bible teaches that everything we have ultimately belongs to God and he calls upon us to steward it responsibly. Andrew Sampson explains how this principle of stewardship is rooted in three of the great doctrines of Scripture – the doctrines of creation, salvation and the Lordship of Christ – before spelling out some of the implications for how we manage our money.

Link to video mentioned: http://vimeo.com/117157283

Too Small a Thing
Andrew Sampson - 11/01/2015
Andrew Sampson urges us to view our lives in the light of God's expansive purposes. God has always intended for the salvation he offers through his Son to go to the ends of the earth. The early Christians took this on board and invested themselves in advancing the gospel through planting churches. The same priority should be seen in our lives today.

The Big Picture
Ben Sewell - 04/01/2015

What is life all about, and what is the church for? Ben starts to answer these easy (!) questions by looking at Ephesians 1 and 2.

It takes a whole church to raise a child
Andrew and Laura Sampson - 13/07/2014
 When church and family partner together, the impact on the lives of children and young people is much greater than if they work separately. Andrew and Laura Sampson outline the strategy that we're adopting at Grace Church to point our young people towards Jesus.
Resources to accompany this talk, including a book summary of Think Orange by Reggie Joiner, can be found here http://andrewsampsonthoughts.wordpress.com/book-summaries-reviews/

A video was shown at the start of the talk - available at http://vimeo.com/14553307

Who Should Teach?
Andrew Sampson - 04/05/2014
Andrew Sampson is joined by Ben and Helen Sewell in a three-way conversation on what the Bible teaches about leadership in the home and the church. Looking at passages from both the Old and the New Testaments, the speakers explore the three big themes of equality, complementarity and male headship.