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Jesus says, 'Where your treasure is, there you heart will be also' (Matthew 6:21). He tells us there is a direct relationship between where we invest our treasure and where our heart truly lies. If someone is 'devoted to the fellowship' in the manner of the early Christians (Acts 2:42), then we would expect that commitment to be expressed through giving to the local church.

Giving to the local church is a wise use of our money. There are many good causes that we could give to, but at Grace Church we believe that God's primary means of furthering his mission on the earth is through his Church. As we give our first and greatest gifts to the local church, we join in with the adventure of advancing God's kingdom which brings healing and wholeness to a lost, broken world.

Grace Church is a member-supported church. All our income is from our members. If you would like to give to the church, there are a number of different ways you can give: 


Directly to the Grace Church bank account

You can make one-off payments, or set up a Standing Order to the Grace Church bank account. Either instruct your bank directly, or complete a form from the 'Giving to Grace Church' booklet that is available on a Sunday morning, and put it into the black box on the Information Table.

     Grace Church Sort Code: 60-21-37

     Grace Church Account Number: 57236062

Please  use your surname as a reference, so that we can thank you, and if possible reclaim the Gift Aid.


Right now, online

We use the MyDonate service from BT to process card payments online. They charge us the lowest possible fees, as this service is part of their corporate social responsibility. To give, go here:

Grace Church Truro MyDonate Page 

By text message

You can give up to £10 by text message. Simply text a message to 70070 with one of the following messages in the content:

 To give... use the code...
 £1 GRAC01 £1
 £2 GRAC01 £2
 £3 GRAC01 £3
 £4 GRAC01 £4
 £5 GRAC01 £5
 £10 GRAC01 £10

This service is operated by JustGiving, on behalf of Vodafone - and again it's free for us to use. It's also free for you to use - you are charged exactly your donation and it doesn't use up your your text  message allowance - you are simply charged for your donation on your mobile credit (on Pay As You Go) or on your mobile bill (on Pay Monthly). See Vodafone for more details.

If you give by text message, please let us know. Send an email to finance@gracetruro.org or put a message in the black box on the Information Table so we can send you a 'thank you' and if possible reclaim Gift Aid. 


By cash or cheque

You can give by cash or cheque using the black box on the Information Table on a Sunday morning. Cheques should be made payable to 'Grace Church Truro.'

If you give by cash, please let us know so we can send you a 'thank you', and if possible reclaim Gift Aid. 


Thank you!