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We want everyone to be able to participate at Grace Church and will do our best to make sure that our meetings are accessible to everyone. 
The building where we meet is very wheelchair friendly as everything is on one level. There is a disabled toilet close to the space where our meetings take place.

Disabled parking
If you would benefit from closer access to the Fal Building there is a drop off zone in front of the Fal Building that is very close to the front doors. The larger of the two gates in this area is open each week and can be used by those requiring greater accessibility. This is however, just a drop off zone and we ask that you please move your car to the main car park after dropping off passengers. There are disabled bays available in the car park if needed, with level access to the Fal Building along the main path.

If you have further questions about the accessibility of our venue please contact us to discuss how we can help.